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4 Reasons Why Businesses Need Legal Translation Services

Sep 2018

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As your business grows, extending into international markets, you’ll be presented with new challenges beyond your ordinary, day-to-day functions.

Establishing your business in a foreign country often requires an overhaul of the way you communicate with your customers. Your new global customers need to feel as valued as your domestic clients and to do this, you need to make sure that you speak to them in a way they understand.

This doesn’t mean a straightforward translation of your website, contracts, and user manuals.

As well as adapting to an entirely new language, you need to ensure your business is adapting to an entirely new legal system too.

Here are 4 reasons why businesses need legal translation services if they decide to operate in a foreign market.




Your target customers need to fully understand the ins and outs of the service you’re providing them, so you need to clearly set it out in understandable language.

If you recruit someone to do a word-for-word translation of your documentation, you’ll quickly realise that the resulting translation is riddled with clumsy phrasing and poorly interpreted colloquialisms.

Much of your documentation will have legal grounding so it’s important that they are as clear and concise as possible, with nothing lost in translation.

Recruiting a legal translator for official document translation services is essential for global businesses. Not only will this translator be an expert he/she will have a solid grasp of the legal system in the specific foreign market. Something that an in-house multilingual document writer is unlikely to have.

This expertise is crucial to ensure, not only that the translation makes sense, but that the terms and phrases used make legal sense in a particular country, giving your business leverage in any legal cases.




In addition to your documentation being clear and understandable, it must include all the relevant information to adhere to the foreign legal system.

Legal translators have a breadth of knowledge about legal systems in multiple nations and have firsthand experience of tailoring documents to align with regulations.

They will be able to identify any areas where your documentation is lacking, going beyond mere translation and rephrasing. An in-house translator would not be able to note this.

International laws are dynamic. As a business, you’ll already have many demands placed upon you without having to worry about keeping up to date with multiple global legal changes.

It is the job of those offering legal translation services to monitor and research the legal landscape of the nations they offer translation services for, so you will be safe knowing your documentation is compliant in your desired nations.



It’s not only important to seek help for official document translation services. Legal translation services are vital for business meetings and potential court cases.

Having a translator with legal proficiency will ensure that your business is able to communicate with ease with clients and lawyers. This will build trust between your business and other parties.

This trust is crucial for bolstering your argument to win an account or for strengthening your case in the legal arena.

Without legal translation services, discussions may become strained and stressful, leading to miscommunication, ultimately causing you to lose potential business or be penalised in trials.



The business world stops for no one, so it is critical that you work quickly. Business deals can fall through or competitors can rise up in the blink of an eye.

Your business cannot afford to wait around for someone to slowly translate your documentations. If you decide to try to do this in-house or you employ an external translator without legal expertise, then you face falling behind.

Hiring a professional legal interpreter prevents these issues. They are able to devote their full attention to the project, rather than having other tasks to deal with like your in-house translator will have. Moreover, they won’t have to slow down the process by consulting a secondary legal expert for assistance.

Speed is of the essence for helping your business to retain a competitive edge so using legal translation services is the logical option for your business to pursue.



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