Etymology: Where Do Words Come From?

Pick up any Shakespearean play and you’ll find the pages are flooded with weird and wonderful words you’ve never heard of, or drastically different spellings to what you’re used to today. Language is a complex phenomenon and understanding how modern … Continued

The Best Way To Translate A Website

Successfully translating a website takes skill, strategy, and a lot of know-how. It requires a lot more work than just directly translating your website into a few different languages. Localising your content, developing a search engine optimisation plan, and ensuring … Continued

What Different Types of Interpreting Are There?

What Different Types of Interpreting Are There? Interpretation isn’t simple. It requires an understanding of at least two cultures. The interpreter must be able to think quickly, simultaneously retaining and processing information. They must also be able to creatively communicate … Continued

Interpreter Vs. Translator: What’s the difference?

Interpreter Vs. Translator 3

Taking your business to an international audience often requires language expertise — and lots of it. Thankfully, you don’t always have to be fluent in your clients’ languages to connect with them, but you do need skilled translators and interpreters … Continued

What are the Hardest Languages to Learn in 2018?

Are you challenging yourself to learn one of the hardest languages? Or are you just curious? We’ve done our research (okay, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in the US did their research) and have found the four most difficult languages for native … Continued