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What Are The Benefits Of Bilingualism?

Jul 2022

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So, you’re interested in learning a new language but you want to know what benefits of knowing two languages can bring you? Here at Global Language Services we’re here to advise, educate and encourage you on all things languages.  

Other than the obvious benefits of being able to talk to the natives or even order your favourite meal with ease when you’re abroad, there are a huge number of benefits to bilingualism! 

Our article is primed and ready to explain what you can gain from being fluent in two languages. Read on to discover the beauty and benefits of being bilingual.


What is bilingualism?

By simple definition, bilingualism is the complete fluency in, or use of two languages. 

An approximate 43% of the global population are bilingual, so it’s no wonder that you’re here exploring the benefits. Plus, reports suggest that the majority of bilingual people are fluent in their native language and English too. So, why not do things the opposite way and become fluent in a second language?

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What are the benefits of bilingualism?

There are a huge range of benefits to being bilingual. From benefiting your brain to improving both your social skills and working opportunities, there is so much to gain from being bilingual. So, without further ado, you will experience the following benefits:

1. Improved brain function and power

Knowing a second language is perfect for keeping your mind healthy and sharp. Plus, multiple studies show that it is proven to improve your cognitive abilities, especially multi-tasking and creative thinking. 


2. Educational advantages

Having two languages under your belt can give you an academic advantage, especially if you speak one of the languages included in the subject offerings. Again, studies have also shown that bilingual kids outperform monolingual ones – the benefit above explains why!


3.Standout in the job market and workplace

It’s of no surprise that speaking a second language can give you an advantage in the job market, and open you up to more opportunities in the workplace. More and more employers are considering a second language a priority, especially those with international offices and foreign clients, so use this second language to your advantage to reap the rewards!


4. Travel becomes more enjoyable

Of course knowing a second language can make travelling the world easier and more enjoyable. You open yourself up to a world of cultural experiences as you are able to converse with the natives, and have a more immersive and authentic experience without needing to use Google translate at every turn!


5. (Mental) Health Benefits

Learning a second language is highly attributed to improving your health, with multiple studies being linked to bilingualism deterring age related diseases such as Alzheimers and dementia. Plus, changing between two languages flexes multiple muscles in your brain keeping it extra healthy!


6.You can have two personalities

Multiple bilingual people have reported that they feel like a different person depending on which language they are speaking, giving them the opportunity to explore various personalities. For example, if you are a native English speaker and speak one of the romance languages, you may find yourself feeling like a more passionate person! 


7. Makes you more attractive (apparently!) 

When you speak two languages, rumour has it that you are perceived to be more attractive! One study showed that 79% of the people surveyed found bilingual people more attractive, as they also perceive them to be more attractive! 


8. Your children can be bilingual

Of course if you are bilingual and have children, one of the biggest benefits is that you can also have bilingual babies! You can share your knowledge and love of language with them, and even raise them to be trilingual if your partner speaks a third, different language.


9. Improves your social life

Speaking a second language fluently can improve your confidence and communication skills, making you more open to a wider range of social opportunities. Bilingualism improves your social life greatly as you will also be open to a wider social network to everyone who speaks both the languages you do. 


10. Easier to learn a third language

If you already have a second language secured under your belt, adding a third is a breeze. You are already neurologically open to learning languages, and you have the aptitude to adapt to a third, especially if you opt for one that’s similar to that that you speak already. 

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Where can you learn a second language?

Learning a second language can be a breeze when you have access to, and take advantage of the huge range of tools available. 

Here at Global Language Services we have created a huge roster of tools to help improve your language learning experience. Such as our list of the best foreign language films to watch, our top tips on learning a new language and our useful language study plan. 

If you can’t decide which second language is for you and fancy a bit of a challenge, explore the hardest languages to learn. Or, if you fancy something simple and easy to learn, read our blog on the easiest languages to learn to help you choose the second language for you. 



If you are still contemplating learning a second language and becoming bilingual, we hope our list of benefits has helped you to make up your mind. 

Whether it’s improving your brain power, social skills or multi-tasking ability, or even giving your kids a leg up in life, being bilingual has benefits galore. 

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