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Companies That Need Translation Services

Mar 2021

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So many companies need translation services. As constant technological advancements enable us to communicate with the other side of the world in seconds, it can seem like the distance between countries is becoming smaller and smaller.

In a matter of hours, an explosion of likes, shares, and tweets can propel a company to platforms all over the globe.

But with these newfound connections comes the difficulty of meaningfully interacting with the audience you’ve established. If your audience, customers, or consumers are spread across the world, successfully engaging means interacting with a variety of languages.

Whether you’re operating on a large or small scale, translation services like Global Language Services can help. Professional translators offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you connect with your market, whether they’re in Japan, Spain, France or China!


1. Legal Services

With the world becoming increasingly globalised, it’s no surprise that law firms are at the top of the list of companies that need translation services. Interpretation can be utilised for foreign clients, court cases, interviews or even cases that span across various countries.

Particularly when it comes to contracts, immigration applications, NDAs, or marriage certificates, the proper translation of as little as one word is crucial, and can completely alter the intended meaning.

With the slightest mistake potentially resulting in a complicated legal process, it’s important to have an interpreter who knows how to translate legal documents. Even if you are not a legal company, many businesses require legal translation services for their day-to-day running.

translation for legal services

2. Entertainment Industry

Whether it’s a movie, video game, TV show or film, there’s an endless quantity of content to be translated in the entertainment industry. Just take our best foreign films list as an example!

The popularity of Netflix shows like Elite and Casa de Papel (Money Heist), more than highlight the importance of having content available for a global audience, with each offering both dubbed and subtitled versions.

But it’s not just films and shows that require translation. The translations of book series like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, has to at least some extent contributed to their overwhelming success, with 39 and 87 translated languages available respectively!

Video games like World of Warcraft have enjoyed equally enduring popularity and success by catering to various languages. With servers available for different languages and countries, players can enjoy the content in their own language and choose to play with players across the globe or from their own country.

Understanding the importance of localisation when translating will give your marketing and products/services a better chance of success abroad – see our “what is localisation?” post for more information.

translation for entertainment industry

3. Travel and Tourism

A booming industry with a generation that loves to travel, global tourism has hit record highs recently with more and more people visiting international destinations.

With flight deals for as much as you’d spend on lunch, regularly travelling abroad has become increasingly accessible for many people.

However when creating a website for your hotel, accommodation or tour, it’s important to remember your target audience. Finding a company skilled in translating and interpreting in tourism is essential to avoid some major marketing mistranslations when translating your website and other promotional materials.

Most travellers learn some basic phrases for the country they’re visiting, but not everyone can learn a whole language before their vacation. Guests typically need translated assistance beforehand and on arrival, whether it’s on the flight, or through pamphlets, brochures, tour operators and guest services.

translation services for travel and tourism

4. Emergency Services and First Responders

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but interpretation within the Emergency Services is crucial when making that urgent call to the police, fire services or paramedics.

Everyone should be able to quickly report a crime, accident, or emergency, and in 2016 Manchester Police took measures of their own to ensure this would be this case.

Alongside development agency Hakura, they introduced a Sign Interpretation Service called SignVideo to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with the police via an interpreter on the camera of their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

translation for emergency services

5. Medical and Healthcare Industry

With medical experts hailing from all around the world, translation in medicine can be required in almost every aspect.

If your long weekend abroad takes a turn for the worst with an injury or illness, you’ll likely need assistance beyond what your ‘handy phrases’ book covered.

Medical interpreters with a knowledge and understanding of the industry are vital in ensuring that you get the best care possible, while understanding what’s going on!

Beyond patient interaction, translation plays an equally essential role in guaranteeing that research, prescriptions, dosages and even ingredients are translated correctly when language barriers are an issue.

translation for medical services


Regardless of the industry, we always recommend using a professional translating service for your company needs.

Though it can be quick and handy to run a translation through your mobile app, in the battle of machine translation vs human translation, machine translation can miss important nuances whether it’s for a legal document or upcoming advert.

Choosing a professional interpreter can be tricky. At Global Language Services, we offer industry expert interpreters and translators for everything from Construction to Advertising. If you’re looking for translation services for your business, take a look at the industries we excel in, or get in touch with us directly!

Or are you thinking of a career change? If you’ve noticed your industry above and you’re interested in putting your language skills to use, GLS offers a range of training services including the Diploma in Translation course.

To get started, check out our blog on what it takes to become a professional translator.

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