In an increasingly borderless world, businesses have to deal with significantly more diverse audiences than ever before. Understanding the challenges inherent to this puts you at the front of the pack. Adapting to them puts you way in front.

While it’s easy to coast along, believing that your business can survive without translation, this approach often hamstrings your future development. You might be able to survive locally without translating your brand, but you will rarely thrive.

There are countless signs that your business is the sort that requires translation services, but we have collected four of the most common. If you tick any of the boxes below, we highly recommend giving us a call.

Universal Appeal

The internet has shrunk the endless expanses of the world to the point where it can fit in the palm of your hand. With a few taps, you can just as easily message a business on the other side of the world as talk to someone in the next room.

With this incredible interconnectedness comes huge marketing possibilities. Using the internet as a platform you can effortlessly sell to customers around the globe. If you offer a service or product that isn’t tethered geographically, this is definitely something you should consider.

However, if you want to be taken seriously, you better sell right. After all, someone that can’t understand your sales pitch is unlikely to ever convert into a customer.

Targeted Marketing

Conversely, many companies shirk universal appeal in favour of incredibly tightly targeted marketing. If your business appeals to a particular demographic that uses a language you aren’t familiar with, investing in quality translation is an absolute necessity.

While communicating in the same language as your target demographic might seem like a simple proposition, achieving a true representation of it is much harder. You need a translator who understands both language and culture. Only through an experienced linguistic can you leverage authentic sounding language.

If your language doesn’t sound just right, your brand will appear specious and contrived.

Heterogenous Demographics

If you operate in a culturally diverse space like New York, London, Singapore or Dubai, you will doubtless have to deal with dozens of different languages on a daily basis.

With culturally diverse spaces, you need to ensure that your audience is hearing the message you intend. That means fragmenting your message into localised versions and appealing to each language group individually. Whether each version is tailored to each sub-demographic or uniform across all translations is up to you.

International Expansion

There comes a time in many businesses’ development when a tough decision must be made: Should they go overseas? It’s an incredibly important decision and one that will doubtless define your fate.

Transporting your brand abroad is a tricky process. Nokia found this out themselves when they tried to market the Lumia smartphone to Spanish speaking countries – lumia is slang for prostitute in Spanish.

Taking your brand international isn’t as simple as copying across your name and translating your marketing copy. It’s a full localisation process and needs the leadership and guidance of experienced linguists.

If you would require translation or interpretation, please get in touch with out team today.

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