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It’s January, it’s cold and it’s rainy. In short, it’s the UK. All is not lost, though, as we have a recipe to beat the January blues: Spain.

In this article, we’ll explore all things Spanish in the beautiful city of Glasgow and give you some awesome ideas to keep your mind off the chill.

Whether you just can’t wait for your summer holiday, want to try something new, miss home or just fancy a Tuesday tapas, this is the perfect way to enjoy a little piece of Spain on your doorstep.

hablo espanol
According to language learning app Babbel, Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world.

“If you want a language that will open up whole continents to you, Spanish is your best bet.”

Thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest. Spanish is one of the most phonetic languages in the world, meaning you can say what you see and nail the pronunciation most of the time.

With the worldwide app-revolution, learning the basics of a foreign language has become incredibly easy. Just download one of a thousand apps then spend 15 minutes here and there practising. You’ll quickly find yourself being rewarded with digital trophies and a growing vocabulary.

Spanish cuisine
The Spanish cuisine is definitely exciting — there’s simply no denying it! And thankfully there are plenty of good restaurants out there both in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

According to TripAdvisor, the top three Spanish restaurants in Glasgow are Malaga TapasCubatas Tapas Bar & Restaurant and Elena’s Tapas. They all look dangerously delicious and are a great way to get a taste of sunny Spain in the winter drizzle!

We asked a local foodie, Emma Eats, for her favourite Spanish restaurant:

I’ve been to a few spanish restaurants in Glasgow but the one that stands out for me is La Boca Tapas on Hope Street. This is a great spot serving authentic spanish food. You will find great food, service & atmosphere here. They use nothing but the freshest and best ingredients and use Spanish products were possible.”

If venturing outside sounds all too cold (and we honestly can’t blame you), Michelle from Table Without Borders has some awesome advice for hosting your own Spanish night in.

Forego the restaurant and cozy up to a big table at home filled with friends, family and tapas. Hosting your own tapas party is a great way to enjoy the varied flavours of tapas while trying new foods and flavour combinations — the tapas menu is limited only by your imagination and sense of adventure.

There is a tapa for every taste, from friàs (cold) to calientes (hot) and light hors d’oeuvres to hearty feasts. When planning your tapas menu be sure to begin with entremeses (hors d’oeuvres) followed by ensaladas and friàs (salads and cold dishes), calientes (hot dishes) and finally postres (dessert). A good rule of thumb is to offer two to three types of tapa for each course.

Michelles Spanish Tapas Menu

Oh, and don’t forget the wine! Tapas are always paired with wine, whether it be wine, sherry or port. Note that full-bodies wines, often reds, are best paired with hearty dishes like meats and stews. Light dishes, such as salads and fish are typically paired best with a light bodied wine, generally whites. Desserts accompany ports as their sweetened flavours complement one another

Remember tapas are all about sharing, so open up your home and enjoy hosting a tapas party filled with food, wine and fun. Cheers!


A Spanish night on the ‘toon’
For the braver amongst, you who fancy venturing into town, we’ve been in touch with the Hispanic Society at University of Glasgow to get some tips for a good Spanish night out.

The Hispanic Society recommended three brilliant places for an almost guaranteed amazing night.

First on the list is Mango. A tropical Brazilian paradise right in the city centre. Mango is a restaurant by day and a vibrant club by night. Whether you’re in the mood for fajitas, a tequila or a relaxed Hispanic vibe, a visit to Mango will do you good!

Second on the list is the self-proclaimed home of Mojito and Fiesta, El Barrio. The atmosphere in El Barrio is contagious and once you’ve had a fiesta there once, you’ll most likely be back!

Last but not least is Boteco de Brasil. The name comes from the Portuguese word Botica, which means a place where you meet people, go for food, drinks and a comfy atmosphere. On Wednesday’s, Tumbao Salsa Club takes over the floor and if you’re in the mood to bust some moves and throw some hips around, you’re guaranteed a great night and some fun exercise!

La Liga
The national sport in Spain is football and they’re really rather good at it! After having won the World Cup in South Africa in 2010 and bagged three European gold medals, Spain has proven that there’s not too many countries out there that can match them on the pitch.

If you’re a football fan, La Liga will provide some top class entertainment for the long weekends. Meet up with your amigos and go to a pub, or hop on the couch and enjoy some world class football.

So there you have it, some great things to do in your home, and around Glasgow to give you that fiesta feeling.

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