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Bulgarian / български език

Bulgarian is a Southern Slavic language spoken by approximately eight million people, mainly in Bulgaria. Bulgaria holds official language status in Bulgaria and the European Union. It is a recognised minority language in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Bulgarian is the first written Slavic language, appearing in writing during the 9th century. Originally it used the Glagolitic alphabet, but gradually adopted the Cyrillic alphabet over time.

Modern Bulgarian was standardised after Bulgaria’s independence from the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century. Due to Bulgaria’s long period of Ottoman rule, Bulgarian features a large number of Turkish loanwords.

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Did You Know?

Bulgarian is the only Slavic language to have discarded the grammatical case system. Three of the six cases of Old Bulgarian – accusative, dative and nominative – remain in very limited usage today. Cases are only used in personal and interrogative pronouns, and in very occasional idioms and phrases.

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