Greek /ελληνικά

Greek is a Hellenic language spoken by around 13 million people, mainly in Greece and Cyprus. Greek holds official language status in Greece and Cyprus, and is a recognised minority language in Albania, Armenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

Greek language and culture underpins European culture and has contributed many loanwords to English. However, most Greek loanwords have been shaped by the orthographies of Latin and French during linguistic migration. For example, kalligraphia (Greek) became calligraphia (Latin), calligraphie (French) and finally calligraphy (English).

Our specialist Greek linguists work with clients to facilitate communication between speakers of Greek through high quality translation and interpretation.

The Parthenon
The Greek Coast

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Did You Know?

Greek was originally written in horizontal lines alternating from right to left and left to right. Around 500 BCE the direction of writing was standardised to horizontal lines running left to right.

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