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Indonesian is a standardised version of Malay. It’s Indonesia’s official language and has approximately 30 million native speakers and 140 million speak it as their second language.

Indonesian is used as the lingua franca in Indonesia despite the fact that far more people in the country speak Javanese and to the majority of the population Indonesian is their second language. There exists over 700 indigenous languages in the country and Indonesian was chosen with the aim to unite the country after its independence from the Dutch.

The Indonesian language adapted the Latin alphabet during the Dutch rule and is still used today to write in Indonesian. Since Indonesia’s independence there have been spelling reforms in 1947 and 1972. In some instances you can still notice minor similarities between the two languages.

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Did You Know?

When Indonesian was declared the official language of Indonesia in 1945, about 5% spoke it as their first language whilst approximately half of the population spoke Javanese and 15% spoke Sudanese.

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