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Romanian / Română

Romanian has about 24 million native speakers and is a member of the Romance language family. It holds official language status in both Romania and Moldova but is also spoken in other European countries such as Greece and Serbia.

There are four Romanian dialects; Daco-Romanian, Megleno-Romanian, Istro-Romanian and Aromanian. Daco-Romanian is the standard Romanian, which is spoken extensively in Romania and Moldova. Daco-Romanian has regional variations but they are minor. Aromanian speakers can be found in various areas in countries such as Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian dialects are close to extinct today. The four dialects vary to such an extent some refer to them as separate languages.

Within the Romance group, Romanian’s closest relative is Italian. However, Romanian speakers tend to understand more Italian than Italians understand Romanian. French, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish are some of the other languages that share grammatical similarities. However, they are not mutually intelligible.

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Did You Know?

Romanian is the only member of the Romance languages located in Eastern Europe. Whilst the language does have many similarities with other Romance languages, it has additionally been influenced by Greek, Turkish, German and Old Church Slavonic.

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