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Spanish / La Lengua Española

Spanish is the second most widely used language in the world, spoken by more than 495 million people in 44 different countries. Spanish sits alongside English as a global lingua franca. It is an official languages of the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Union of South American States and 20 separate countries. It is sometimes referred to as Castellano depending on who you speak to.

After Latin, Spanish has been mainly influenced by Arabic. As a part of the Romance languages, it shares many similarities with Italian and French. Due to the Spanish language being spoken across such a great number of countries, accents and words can vary quite drastically between them. However, all the variations of Spanish are more or less mutually intelligible.

Even though the English language proficiency in Spain has been growing, they are still amongst the lower part of the rankings in Europe. This means it’s important, if you are looking to enter this market, to be able to communicate in Spanish.

Considering how large the Spanish speaking market is, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to reach a large group of consumers with the use of one language. In Europe, Spain has one of the biggest consumer markets and in the UK it’s the eighth largest export market. With the growing economies in Latin America, it is expected the opportunities within the Spanish speaking markets will only increase.

Spanish in Scotland

In the UK, Spanish is one of the few languages that is not losing it’s popularity in GCSE’s, demonstrating the language’s popularity. The Spanish community in Scotland has increased over the years and there is estimated to be about 25,000 Spanish people living here, with them mainly settling down in Edinburgh. Showing there is a growing demand for products and services catering for the Spanish community in this area.

The Spanish also make up a significant tourist group to Scotland with the main destinations being Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. This means that Scottish businesses could really benefit from investing in translation to communicate with this market.

Our Spanish Translators and Interpreters

Global Language Services works with clients to provide access to this enormous demographic through quality translation and interpretation.

Our Spanish translators and interpreters are all native speakers to assure that you receive a top quality end product and service. Industry specialism is another aspect our organisation focuses heavily on and we will always do our best to pair you up with an interpreter or translator who has relevant experience to your industry.

No job is too big or too small. Get in touch with our head offices in Glasgow or our branches in Edinburgh or the Highlands.


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– Scottish Prison Service

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– VIA Lothian and Borders

Did You Know?

The Latino population in the U.S. ballooning. Analysts predict the proportion of Spanish-speakers in the U.S. will rise from around 16% in 2010 to 30% in 2050. This will make the United States the largest Spanish speaking country in the world.

Additionally, Latin economies, such as Paraguay, Panama and Nicaragua, are growing at a rate which far outstrips the global average. If this trend continues, Spanish will become increasingly important on the global stage.

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