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Swedish is a North Germanic language not only spoken by Sweden’s nine million inhabitants but also parts of Finland where it has the same legal standing as Finnish. The language originates from Old Norse and is closely related to Norwegian and Danish.

The standard Swedish spoken today was established in the 20th century. Although there are varying regional dialects across the country the written language is standardised.

One significant change to the Swedish language occurred during the 20th century with du-reformen (“the you-reform”). Previously, du (you) had only been used to address the lower class whilst the upper class was addressed as herr (Mr), fru (Mrs) or fröken (Miss). After a failed attempt of using the word ni (plural second person pronoun), du became the standard for official and unofficial use during the liberalisation in Sweden during 1950s-1960s. This was more due to class becoming less important and people’s changed mindset and less because of political intervention. Ni is still used in a more polite manner.

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Did You Know?

The Swedish alphabet has an entire 29 letters, the final three being å, ä and ö.

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