Turkish /Türkçe

Turkish is spoken by approximately 70 million speakers across a numerous countries, including Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Germany, Iran and, of course, Turkey.

The Republic of Turkey was established in 1923 and language reforms followed shortly after. In 1928, the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, introduced a new alphabet to replace the older Ottoman Turkish script. The new alphabet, based on the Latin alphabet, has been used ever since. The older Arabic script is now only understood by scholars and those who learned to read before 1928.

Our specialist Turkish linguists work with our clients to facilitate communication with speakers of Turkish around the globe.

Turkey's Capital Ankara
Hagia Sophia in Turkey

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Did You Know?

Since 1928, the Turkish government has pushed a process of linguistic purification. Guided by the Turkish Language Association, loanwords have been replaced with Turkish equivalents and many new words based on Turkish roots were introduced.

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