Based in the beating heart of the Scottish economy, our Glasgow office is where we began our interpretation and translation work all those years ago. Since we started over 14 years ago, we have steadily added languages and services to our portfolio and carved out a reputation as one of the country’s leading language agencies. An achievement we’re incredibly proud of.

Today we are happy to offer our services in any language to Glasgow businesses and organisations in need of a hand when communicating in foreign languages.

Glasgow’s Languages

Glasgow is now more culturally diverse than ever and year-on-year the Glasgow population is becoming steadily more multilingual. Over the past decade, the number of languages spoken has shot up, one of the reasons being the increasing numbers of international students from Europe, North America, and China. The growing communities of people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and increasing immigration from new ‘accession’ member states to the European Union are also contributing to this rapid growth of languages in Glasgow.

A report from the Scottish Government set an estimate of the number of languages spoken in Glasgow at around 100 and that was a conservative estimate.

Other numbers from NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum) show that Glasgow by far has the largest number of students who don’t have English, Gaelic, Scots, Doric or Sign Language as their first language. It has been found that an incredible 143 languages are spoken by children in Scottish schools and 115 languages just in Glaswegian schools, showing the languages spoken in Glasgow will only continue to grow.

Our Translation and Interpretation Services in Glasgow

Over the years we’ve worked with countless clients in and around our Dear Green Place. These include the BBC, Glasgow City Council, and NHS 24.

At our Glasgow branch we offer a wide range of language services. We provide translation, interpretation and media services. Additionally, we offer language tuition ranging from Pre-Study Courses in English to private tuition or small group participation to business and technical English courses. For companies or organisations that are new to working with an interpreter, we offer corporate training for you to make the most out of it.


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