Home to many of Scotland’s Gaelic speakers, Inverness is a hotbed for languages. Since we set up nine years ago, our office has provided language services across the the country’s capital in the north and the wider Highlands. In that short time we quickly became successful due to our simple and professional approach to translation and interpretation.

Historically Inverness has had a predominantly Gaelic-speaking population. However, over the 19th and 20th centuries the number of Gaelic speakers steadily declined. Today, only around 5% of people are fluent in the traditional language.

While Gaelic might not be heard in its full form, the historic language has left an indelible mark on the regional variety of English – for those unaccustomed it might take a while to understand.

Although the Highlands are predominantly an English speaking area over the past decade the number of non-English/Gaelic speakers has steadily increased. The most widely spoken language other than English is Polish followed closely by Lithuanian and Russian.

Our time in the Capital of the Highlands has been exhilarating. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, including The Highland Council, Grant’s Whisky, and Police Scotland.

We offer a wide range of translation, interpretation, tuition and media services at our Inverness branch. To see exactly what Global Language Services can do for you please view our Services page.

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