What are the Hardest Languages to Learn in 2018?

Are you challenging yourself to learn one of the hardest languages? Or are you just curious? We’ve done our research (okay, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) in the US did their research) and have found the four most difficult languages for native … Continued

How To Make A Language Study Plan And Stick To It

language 1

Learning a language isn’t just about understanding sounds and symbols. To learn a language, any new foreign language, you need passion, will power and commitment. Without these crucial traits your language learning will fall flat on its face. We all … Continued

How to Work with A Medical Interpreter

If you aren’t used to working with an medical interpreter in a health setting, then it can be a daunting prospect. Sometimes it can be difficult enough to explain how we are feeling to a doctor, without worrying about whether … Continued

Top 5 Most Mysterious Undeciphered Codes

Undeciphered codes are the ultimate mystery, especially to a polyglot or language enthusiast! Did you grow up with Indiana Jones, or Tomb Raider? Perhaps you love Dan Brown’s books about symbologist Robert Langdon? Then you’ll enjoy this brief foray into … Continued

How Was Dothraki Language Created?

how is dothraki language created

As Daenerys Targaryen discovers in Game of Thrones, learning Dothraki language and customs is no walk in the park. Whether it’s fictional or not, language learning is tough. Have you ever tried to invent your own? Even if you are … Continued

What Is Transcreation? Should We Bother?


What is transcreation? How is it different from translation? Should I be hiring a translation team or transcreation team? Should I have both? What if I choose the wrong one? Not to worry, those are exactly the questions we are … Continued