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French/Français The international language of diplomacy. The language of love. One of the official languages of the UN, the WHO, the WTO, the Council of Europe, the European Commission, Interpol, the International Criminal Court, Amnesty International, the Red Cross and many other organisations, as well as official language status in over 30 countries, with widespread … Continued


Czech / Čeština Czech is a Western Slavic language spoken by approximately 10 million people in the Czech Republic. It is spoken to a much lesser extent in Portugal, Poland and Germany.


Spanish / La Lengua Española Spanish is the second most widely used language in the world, spoken by more than 495 million people in 44 different countries. Spanish sits alongside English as a global lingua franca. It is an official languages of the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of American States, the Union … Continued


Estonian / Eesti Keel Estonian is a Finno-Ugric language spoken by approximately 1.1 million people in Estonia. Estonian is closely related to Finnish but differs with respect to lexical origins. While Finish draws much of its vocabulary from Swedish, Estonian borrows heavily from German.


Polish / W języku polskim Polish is a West Slavic language spoken by approximately 40 million people across the globe. After Russian it is the second most widely spoken Slavic language. Polish holds official language status only in Poland, but is used throughout the world in Polish speaking communities. The language is closely related to Sorbian, Slovak … Continued


Finnish / Suomen Kieli Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language spoken by approximately 5.5 million speakers in Finland. The Kven language, a dialect of Finnish, is spoken in northern Norway. Finnish holds official language status in Finland, Sweden and the Republic of Karelia in Russia.


Gaelic Global Language Services Ltd has continually expanded its Gaelic translation service offering and market presence.


Georgian / Kartuli Georgian is a Kartvelian language spoken by approximately four million people in Georgia. Numerous Georgian dialects are spoken outside Georgia in the Eṣfahān region of Iran, northeastern Turkey and various parts of Azerbaijan.


Russian / русский язык [ROOsky yazIK] Russian is the world’s eighth most spoken language by number of native speakers and is the most widely-spoken language of Eurasia, with speakers all over the territory of Russia itself, in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to the south-east, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and the Baltic States to the west and the … Continued


Hungarian / Magyar Hungarian is a Ugric language spoken by approximately 15 million speakers across Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovakia. There are smaller Hungarian speaking communities across Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.