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Taking Your Business International: 4 Language Services You Might Need

Aug 2019

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Ready to take your business into uncharted international markets? That’s great news! Going international is often one of the best ways to grow your empire, but it can be overwhelming, especially when language barriers come into play.

Taking Your Business International: 4 Language Services You Might Need 3

When you’re working on securing a client or customer base in a different country, you’ll need professional translation services that truly interpret your brand message — that means going beyond a basic translation to provide nuanced information that guides your interaction with clients.

You need a full understanding of not only what they’re saying word for word but also of the culture, the country and the people in it.

Here are just a few of the language services that can help you really understand, and build relations in new international markets.

Website Translation

A cohesive, well-written website is critical for reaching your customers at home and abroad.

When you’re reaching out to people who speak different languages, you’ll need a well-written website that speaks to your new audience in their mother tongue. For this type of project, look for an international business translation professional who’s a skilled writer in both languages.

A skilled writer in your target language will be able to make your message shine for the specific audience you want to reach.

Taking Your Business International: 4 Language Services You Might Need 4

Because your website often serves as your first impression for international clients, it’s worth investing in translation services from a skilled professional who’s able to capture not only the meaning of your words but also your tone, voice and personality.

Take the time to check references and ask about each potential translator’s experience before signing a contract.

At Global Language Services we have a large team of experts that can project manage your website localisation from start to finish.

Document Translation

While website translation is important from a marketing standpoint, document translation has significant business and legal implications as well. Legal documents and agreements require language services with a thorough, practiced eye for translation and careful wording.

Finding someone with significant experience in document translation services will give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to work with international clients.

Because document translation involves binding legal agreements, you’ll want to make sure your translator has experience with legal document translation for your target country. It pays to have a local lawyer (both at home and overseas) to double-check your documents and contracts as well.

Taking Your Business International: 4 Language Services You Might Need 2

At Global we’ve worked in almost every corner of the legal industry from courts and police to boardrooms and solicitors’ offices. Our team of linguists have a wealth of experience in the Scottish legal system and are thoroughly trained in accordance with our rigorous in-house confidentiality policies.

Business Translation

Business translation covers a wide spectrum of interpreting skills, ranging from in-person interpretation during client meetings and phone calls, to emails and other written communication.

Business translators specialise in nuanced interpretation of written and spoken materials so you can meet your business objectives without a language barrier holding you back.

Professional business translators know what they’re doing, know their client base, and take the time to understand your translation needs. They’re also up-front about the way they work and charge. Keep this in mind when searching for the perfect fit!

Taking Your Business International: 4 Language Services You Might Need 1

Interpretation Services

Interpretation involves a deeper level of service than a simple translation.

If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you’ll understand that there’s a lot more to communication than just translating the words and phrases of an email or document.

You need someone who understands the idioms and nuances of the language, who can quickly become familiar with your industry and who can provide a depth of understanding beyond a surface-level translation of the material.

Find someone who really knows the language and is willing to go the extra mile. If you find someone who truly understands the language, your clients will have a far better experience and you’ll avoid many costly miscommunications along the way.

Though online translation services are a dime a dozen, finding a skilled professional team to work with your unique needs is a little harder.

This is a challenging but crucial step you don’t want to overlook when you’re branching out into international markets.

If you have questions about our professional translation services at Global Language Services, feel free to contact us today. We’d love to help make sure you have the language resources you need to make your business goals a reality.

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