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Translation Services in Manchester

Nov 2019

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Manchester is the second most highly ranked city in the UK for its importance to the global economic system. Its rich industrial history, culture, architecture and vibrancy are only a few of the many features help attract business, investment and tourists to the city from all over the world.

Manchester’s success has attracted a lot of immigration which has created a multicultural city. This makes it vital for any business or organisation to communicate coherently in a variety of languages other than English.

Our skilled language experts are ready to take on any translation project in any language in any industry.

Languages in Manchester

A recent study found Manchester was the third most linguistically diverse city in the world. According to researchers at the University of Manchester, approximately half the population of Greater Manchester speak two or more languages to some degree. Across the city, approximately 200 different languages are regularly used and spoken.Without even counting the stream of tourists visiting the city from all corners of the world every year, it is safe to say a stroll in the city centre can easily turn into a language workout.

Without counting the stream of tourists visiting the city every year, a stroll through the city centre can easily turn into a linguistic workout. Below are several of the most widely used languages in the city.

Other languages used in and around Greater Manchester include Bengali, Gujarati, Somali, Kurdish and Portuguese. Urdu remains the most widely spoken minority language, spoken by 1.23 percent of the population. The high volume of Urdu speakers is largely due to large-scale immigration from the Indian subcontinent during the mid-20th century.

Our Translation Services in Manchester

Global Language Services has worked in the translation industry for over 14 years, providing reliable, high-quality and efficient translation services.

Over the years, our agency has had the opportunity to work with clients across a range of industries. Whether we are working for large organisations like the BBC or NHS or smaller private clients, we strive to maintain an exceptionally high quality of work and service.

We offer translation services for any language and industry. We can provide translation for everything from brochures and advertisements to technical reports and patents.

Our professional translators generally specialise in one specific industries, allowing them to provide a well-tailored service. With Global Language Service, you are guaranteed a linguist who works in their native language. All to ensure that your project gets the best possible results.


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