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35 Common Brazilian Phrases You Need To Learn Before Jetting Off!

Aug 2022

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Brazil is the biggest country in South America, it is home to around 400 airports, has 4 different time zones and at least 60% of its landmass is covered by the Amazon rainforest. 

These are just some of the basic facts about this incredible country, there is plenty more to be uncovered. Like how it was one of the first countries to accept women into its military, or how its national football team has won the world cup 5 times! 

Either way this country is pretty magnificent, and with its national language being Portuguese, it certainly makes it a language worth learning. Now, we can’t teach you to be fluent in a single blog post, but we can help you know a handy phrase or two for your next trip across the water!

So without further ado, here are the top 35 Portuguese phrases to know:


Basic Language Phrases: 

Hello: Olá

Good Morning: bom Dia

Good Evening: boa noite

How are you doing?: como você está? 

What is your name?: qual é o seu nome?

My name is…: Meu nome é…

What time is it?: que horas são?

How do I get to the…?: como faço para chegar ao…? 

How much does this cost?: quanto custa isso

Where is the bathroom?: onde fica o banheiro?


Handy Portuguese Phrases:

Hi: Oi

Bye: Tchau

Everything well? (casual “how are you?”): Tudo bem?

Thank you: Obrigado/Obrigada

You’re Welcome: De Nada

I want the bill, please: Quero a conta, por favor

Go with God (said after goodbye, meaning “take care”): Vá com Deus

Excuse me: Com licença

Sorry! (apology): me sinto muito 

Sorry! (i.e. bumped into someone): Desculpa! 


Portuguese Phrases for getting your Language Bearings:

Do you speak English?: Você fala inglês?

Does anyone here speak English?: Alguém aqui fala inglês?

I don’t understand: Eu não entendo

I understand: Eu entendo

I don’t know: Não sei

Please speak slower: Por favor, fale mais devagar


Additional Essential Phrases:

Yes: sim

No: não

Can I have water?: posso tomar água?

Can I have a coffee?: posso tomar café?

Can I have something to eat?: posso comer alguma coisa?

When?: quando?

Why?: porque?

I’m sick: Eu estou doente

I need your help: preciso da tua ajuda



Any trip to Brazil is guaranteed to be filled with culture, vibrant experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Now, with 35 of the most useful Brazilian (Portuguese) phrases under your belt, your trip will be smoother than ever.

Or, if these 35 phrases have been the kick starter to your Portuguese learning journey, we have plenty of resources to help you out. From our breakdown of the best language learning apps to how to create a language learning plan, Global Language Services has you covered.

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