Coat of Arms of Iceland

Icelandic / Íslenska

Icelandic is a North Germanic language spoken by approximately 330,000 people. It became the dominant language of Iceland after replacing Gaelic. While northern trade routes brought limited contact with German, English, Dutch, French and Basque, Iceland has historically been extremely linguistically isolated.

Iceland has had a long history of foreign rule. Between the 13th and 20th centuries, it was governed Norway and latterly by Denmark. During this time Norwegian and Danish was used in limited official contexts. In 1944, Iceland gained its independence and Icelandic was revived as national language.

Our specialist Icelandic linguists work with clients to facilitate communication with speakers of Icelandic around the globe. So whether you are preparing a product for international release or translating internal communications, our linguists strive to provide an exceptional translation or interpretation service.


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– Scottish Prison Service

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– VIA Lothian and Borders

Did You Know?

While Icelandic became the national language of in the years following independence, it was only made the official language by virtue of a parliamentary act introduced in 2011.

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