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Japanese / 日本語

Japanese is an East Asian language spoken by around 126 million people, mainly in Japan, but also in smaller expatriate communities across the United States, Brazil, China, the Philippines and Canada.

While the written form of Japanese draws heavily from Chinese, the spoken language is unrelated to any other known language on Earth. Theories have attempted to link the origins of Japanese to Ural-Altai, Polynesian and Chinese linguistic branches, but none, so far, have proved conclusive.

Our specialist Japanese linguists work with our clients to facilitate communication with speakers of Japanese around the globe.


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– Scottish Prison Service

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– VIA Lothian and Borders

Did You Know?

Unlike some languages, Japanese readily absorbs foreign words. The biggest contributor to the Japanese lexicon is Chinese, with a around half of all Japanese words owing to Chinese origins.

During the last century, English has contributed the lion’s share of terms. An interesting feature of this process is the shortening and/or combining of the original English terms. Mass communications became masukomi, word processor became wāpuro and smartphone became sumaho.

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