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What Can You Do With A DPSI?

Oct 2018

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Being awarded a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) opens many doors for translators and interpreters.

The DPSI is widely regarded as the standard professional interpreting qualification, preparing those who undertake the DPSI course for high-pressured real-life situations that require their language skills.

Since it is such a rigorous qualification, it lowers entry barriers to interpreting in many public service sectors as well as providing a stepping stone to membership of official regulatory bodies.

If you are weighing up the merits of different interpreting courses, read on to find out why the DPSI course might be the best option for you.

Membership Of Official Bodies

Holders of a DPSI are eligible for membership of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL).

The CIOL’s stringent membership requirements mean that they are able to provide the public with a selection of highly qualified professional linguists. Attaining a DPSI, and thus membership of the CIOL, is a great boost to a translator or interpreter’s career.

Similarly, the DPSI allows you entry into the National Register of Public Service Interpreters. This voluntary regulator of professional interpreters specialises in public service and it exists to provide a register of qualified interpreters in courts.

Having a DPSI and consequently becoming a member of these official bodies offers immense benefits when it comes to opening up further job opportunities. Their high status is widely respected so individuals these organisations offer up for positions are highly sought.

Legal Sector

Increasingly in the competitive modern landscape, a DPSI is requested as standard for anyone looking for interpretation work in the legal sector.

The Ministry of Justice, Home Office, Scottish Courts Service and Police Authorities all expect applicants to be DPSI-qualified.

The DPSI course is demanding and ultimately prepares those who pass for intense translation situations, so is absolutely necessary in the legal arena.

Possessing a DPSI exempts you from taking additional interpreting courses, like the Diploma in Police Interpreting. The DPSI is incredibly comprehensive.

Those recruiting the services of interpreters for legal matters expect an individual with exceptional accuracy and quality translations, who also has a sound understanding of the conduct expected in these situations, so DPSI-qualified individuals are seen as the most reliable.

Health Care

If you intend to pursue interpreting work in the medical sphere, employers are often insistent that you possess a DPSI before they will consider recruiting your services.

Whether you wish to work in a hospital, clinic, or GP practice, the requirement for a DPSI is the same.

The vital need to have medical documentation translated correctly or patient-doctor conversations facilitated with precision and empathy means that there are high standards for potential interpreters.

A DPSI sets interpreters up for successful employment in the health sector, acting as an outward symbol of expert proficiency.

Local Government

The search for translation work in local government areas, such as housing, social work, and education, will be greatly aided with a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting.

Local government interpretation services are crucial in order to give everyone an equal opportunity to access help and support without a language barrier standing in the way.

Public service interpreters must be familiar with the different cultures of the individuals they are translating for, as well as being able to competently and impartially carry out the translation.

Employers in local government can be sure that interpreters with a DPSI are best-suited to the advertised roles.

Interested In Pursuing A DPSI?

If you are keen to lend your interpreting services to the public sector, obtaining a DPSI really is a vital move.

Global Language Services is a Registered Course Provider and Examination Centre for the Chartered Institute of Linguists, offering DPSI courses.

If you are interested in achieving a DPSI with Global Language Services, contact us today.


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