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What Different Types of Interpreting Are There?

Interpretation isn’t simple. It requires an understanding of at least two cultures. The interpreter must be able to think quickly, simultaneously retaining and processing information. They must also be able to creatively communicate ideas that don’t have a straightforward translation in another language. Those requiring interpretation services have varying and often complex needs. There are … Continued

Can You Learn A Language In Your Sleep?

Introduction Have you ever used the phrase “I could do that in my sleep!”? If not, it typically means that something is so easy that you could do it asleep. But what if you actually could do it in your sleep? As the world continues to evolve, we all strive to look for new ways … Continued

5 Tips for Learning a New Language as an Adult

As we grow older and become more established as adults, with a regular income and autonomy over how we spend our free time, we tend to travel more.  Travel also tends to invite frustration over not having learned a language as a youngster, or not having a parent from another culture to teach you a … Continued

How Do Children Learn Language?

The way children learn languages is fascinating.   Though a slow process over the course of a few years, it is amazing how much they grasp, and without any actual sit-down teaching whatsoever.   In this post, we are going to explore the process of how children learn language, and why it’s so different to … Continued

How Does Telephone Interpreting Work?

Telephone interpreting can be one of the easiest and best solutions to a language barrier, whether it’s for business or a personal matter. If you need an interpreter but financial or geographical circumstances throw a spanner in the works, telephone interpreting is an ideal solution. It’s convenient and cost effective, and you can typically connect … Continued

Which Languages Should You Learn for International Business?

Does international business hold big interest for you? You might not know it yet but languages will play a huge part in that. All the online translation tools in the world won’t help you pull off the all-important pitch in person, no matter how many business buzzwords you translate. Learning languages is a time investment, … Continued

What is Localisation? And why is it important for my business?

Remember the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign from 2014? It had shoppers in a chokehold. Frantically rummaging through aisles of neatly arranged coke bottles in the hope that their favourite multi-national, multi-billion pound corporation hadn’t forgotten about them and their obscure name. But while UK or American customers might have reasonably expected to ‘Share a Coke … Continued

Do People Still Speak Gaelic in Scotland?

Scottish Gaelic is often assumed to be the native language of Scotland, or at least that every Scot has an understanding of it. But this certainly isn’t the case.  Here at Global Language Services, we’ve already covered where Gaelic comes from. But, we want to find out who speaks it? And why did Scots stop … Continued