How Was Dothraki Language Created?

how is dothraki language created

As Daenerys Targaryen discovers in Game of Thrones, learning Dothraki language and customs is no walk in the park. Whether it’s fictional or not, language learning is tough. Have you ever tried to invent your own? Even if you are … Continued

Heizen up the profile of Scots

Scots Scriever

For those who don’t know, Scots is a Germanic language spoken across Lowland Scotland by somewhere in the region of one million people. Scots itself can be broken in down into tens of smaller dialects,¬†including¬†Glesga Patter spoken in Glasgow, Doric … Continued

The Hidden Novels in Translation

Novels in Translation - Climates

Literature in the English speaking world has a tendency to be particularly closed off to everything but English literature. Few non-English authors are admitted to the canon and we willingly deprive ourselves of countless worldviews, cultures, themes, plots and characters … Continued