How to Work with A Medical Interpreter

If you aren’t used to working with an medical interpreter in a health setting, then it can be a daunting prospect. Sometimes it can be difficult enough to explain how we are feeling to a doctor, without worrying about whether … Continued

What Is Transcreation? Should We Bother?


What is transcreation? How is it different from translation? Should I be hiring a translation team or transcreation team? Should I have both? What if I choose the wrong one? Not to worry, those are exactly the questions we are … Continued

Is Machine Translation Good Enough for Your Business?

Is Machine Learning Good Enough for Your Business?

Newspapers are full of stories about clever machines. Clever machines driving cars. Clever machines investing money. Clever machines writing reports. Clever machines beating the seventh best Go player. And clever machines translating language. The papers are packed with stories about brand … Continued

How Businesses are Failing Tourism Translation


Since 2012, China has topped the tourist leaderboards for both sheer numbers of international travelers as well as the money they spend when abroad. Some 120 million Chinese tourists holidayed abroad in 2015, spending an estimated £74 billion during their trips. South Korea, … Continued

Information Security and the Death of the Author

Pope Thumb

Roland Barthes’ essay The Death of the Author revolutionised the the way literary critics reads books. Barthes implored critics to ignore the author’s biography, beliefs and intentions, and focus on the text in isolation. He declared the author dead and said … Continued

Four Messages Lost in Translation

Even the best translator and interpreter have the occasional off-day. That’s why linguists should check their own work, then have others proof it and then check it again. Unfortunately, some companies still think they can ‘streamline’ the process and cut … Continued